HVAC & PAC Copper Tubing


Assembly of copper pipe from Capillary size up to 1-5/8” OD size. System and process tubing are part of HVAC tubing used for connection AC parts e.g. compressor, coil etc with each other. These tubing are made with high precision manufacturing processes, technical staff and most important excellent designed tooling. All the designing and R&D of machine tools are conducted in premises itself with all possibilities to reduce the manufacturing time and final cost of the tubing.

Sheet Metal


We are one of the main supplier of sheet metal parts in many HVAC industries. We have facilities of plating and painting etc.

HVAC & PAC Accessories and fittings


We are manufacturer of many exclusive copper and brass fittings.

HVAC & PAC Fan Guard


Wire fan guards are also one of our specialities. we are manufacturing wire fan covers of different shape and sizes for many companies.